In my funk.

    • 9 hours ago

    Ur ghost is everywhere in this apt..

    • 1 day ago


    when someones sick and coughs in class

    • 1 day ago
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    Last night truely sucked. 

    woke up in a cold sweat from a horrible night terror looking for Booger and he wasnt here of course. I cried my life out. Even wrote him.. of course we know how that went. Silence. 

    Took me hours to fall back asleep. 

    It scared me so bad. And hurt me more at the same time. 

    • 1 day ago

    This will be me.. 

    I settled for eggs the first time, but maybe I should upgrade this year. 

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    • 4 days ago
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    Oh man. Long day ahead. 1 month down.

    • 5 days ago

    Today makes it a month since it all went dwn and thts prolly why im not evn tryna sleep. Today gunna be a testing day for my emotions boy, i tell ya. Idk how in tf i been doin it… i literally jus go to wrk and come hke n drink n get into reckless shit.

    • 5 days ago

    The world is coming down on me and I cant find a reason to be loved…

    • 5 days ago

    Watch "amerie - Like It Used To Be - Touch" on YouTube

    amerie - Like It Used To Be - Touch:

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    Watch "Madonna - "Sooner or later" scene from"Dick Tracy…" on YouTube

    Madonna - “Sooner or later” scene from”Dick Tracy…:

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